Monday, 21 May 2012

Google webmaster spring cleaning and alternatives of all three

On April 24 Google announced about closing three features of Google Webmaster tools; Subscriber States, robots.txt file generator and Site Performance. Google said that these three features are less used compare to others and hence we are closing. Google analyze the usage of different features make changes according to that. Google has named this process Google Webmaster spring cleaning. Here I am going to discuss all these features and its alternative tools which can work for you.

Subscriber States

Subscriber stats reports the number of subscribers to a site’s RSS or Atom feeds. If you want to gather subscriber states then you have many options. First one is Google’s own product Feedburner is available with more features. You can find everything regarding Feedburner and its features you can click here. Second option to track subscriber states is Google analytics’ event tracker. You can visit this post for complete guide, Tracking New RSS Subscribers With Google Analytics. If you are using WordPress blog then it is too easy for you. There are so many plugins available for WordPress to track the subscriber states. A great post about the plugins is available on Mashable.

Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt file offers a way to instruct search engine crawler which part of website is to crawl and index and which is not. Rightly that robots.txt file generator is less useful feature. You can create robots.txt file using a simple text editor. Though, if you are new and need help to generate robots.txt file then I can suggest few which are free to use. First one is available for free from SEOBOOK. It is simple and has same user interface. The other two available for free are from SEOCHAT and Mcanerin International

Site Performance

Site Performance feature was basically for the information regarding the website’s speed and average load time. Site speed is one of the 200 factors that Google considers to generate Search Engine Ranking Pages. It is also closed because of low usage. Google provides alternative of this feature as PageSpeed Online. In fact this tool provide some great information to reduce the site’s average load speed. It points the areas where you can optimize the site to reduce the site speed. The other useful website is This website provides you more attributes like test location and browser to get more specific data. There is one more way you can get these data using an add-on provided by Yslow. You can download the add-on for Google chrome from

So that is it, these are the best alternative tools which I know. I really would love to know the other alternatives which you know in the comments.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Google wants to dominate web spammers-Penguin update after Panda

After getting almost 80% dominance over search industry, it becomes tough job for Google to maintain search quality as lot of people wants to get maximum benefit from Google search. It’s fair to say that Google has done a lot of work to maintain that quality and off-course doing that continuously. They have done major algorithmic changes in recent times. Google Panda update is doing fine job and discarded many malicious websites in last year. Now it’s time for web spam team at Google. The huge applauds for that team as they are fighting with web spammers since last 10 years. Bravo!! They have come up with fine algorithmic change this time. Matt Cutts, the head of Web spam team at Google, has released an official blog. They have overcome two major spamming techniques, keyword stuffing and unrelated outgoing links. The Google officials has given a name to this update- Penguin Update

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is one of the oldest methods of spamming and Google has already put up a lot of efforts to stop that but still there are few slipping and making their way into the search result. This time they have implemented solid methods which can identify the spammers and natural people. So now implement white hat SEO techniques. Write your content in natural way. Don’t think about your keyword density and keyword proximity or anything else related to keywords. If you have return your content for best user experience and subject oriented then nothing to worry. You will get best rewards from Google.

Unrelated inbound links

Getting many inbound links is the major ranking factor on search algorithm. So that spammers have implemented lot of techniques to get those links like link wheel, link bait, paid links and etc. Most of them build unnatural and irrelevant links. A website of flower getting links from footwear’s website and vice versa. A book’s website is linking to cloth’s website and vice versa. It seems ridiculous. This is only done to get or pass the link juice. What I think is, it is worsen the user experience. Don’t do this again. Generate excellent content that people would love. If they like your natural content they will definitely share it or link to you in their own content. Try this natural way of link building and you will get good deep sleep every night as you don’t need to worry of any Google algorithmic changes or any search engine’s changes. So many people ask question that, I have worked hard to build thousands of links but Google shows only few (i.e. 30 links). This is the answer that Google can categorize the backlinks and considers those which are related. Google doesn’t take the links stated in above example into consideration.

I will be back with next update to share my ideas. Till than all the best. Be a smart and hardworking webmaster!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Links to my blogs

Guys, I feel sorry for so long time. I have started guest blogging on other site. That’s why no one post here for so long. Today I am sharing all the links of those blogs here with you.

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So these are all the blogs I have written in this period. Now I will continue my work here. Enjoy reading and will be back with new post soon.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Villain factors in search engine rankings


Let’s discuss some villain factors which affects ranking and might they are preventing your site to come up in 
the ranking.


1.       Thin Content (-2)
Is your content “thin” and “shallow” and lacking substance? As I have mentioned earlier Google panda
2.       Keyword stuffing (-1)
This one is also starting lesson of SEO which I have learnt in earlier days. Excessively use of keyword on the page including content, links etc is harmful for the site.  
3.       Hidden text(-1)
Another blackhat SEO technique which can damage your ranking. We should stop use of hidden text.
4.       Cloaking (-3)
Most of SEO people avoiding this and it’s a good practice. Cloaking has maximum negative marks and must not use.
5.       Paid Links (-3)
Have you purchased links in hopes of better ranking? Now a day, search engines has stronger algorithms to catch the paid links.
6.       Link spam (-1)
Lot of talking about link farm after panda update. Obviousely we can say that link spam is really avoidable technique for today at least.

Blocking (Long term Punishment)

1.       Have many people blocked your site from search results? This is first issue that can cause block your site.

2.       Second factor, is any respected one has blocked your site or has reported spam? That can also cause your site block.

So, now I am going to end my long discussion. Expecting your highly valuable comments in the comment section for my personal betterment. So don’t forget to give your words.

Off-page SEO ranking factors and its merits


First discuss,

Link related factors

1.      Link Quality (+3)
Are links coming from trusted, related and respected websites? I have learnt this on the first day. It is as important as earlier.
2.       Link Text (+3)
Do links pointing at pages use words you hope they will be found for? An excellent post for this is
3.       Number of Links (+1)
As usual again number of Links is for the competition. So how can be ignored?

Social Shares

1.      Social Reputation (+2)
Do those respected on social networks sharing your content with others? It means the people who have good reputation in the respected industry.
2.       Social shares (+1)
Again numbers. How many people sharing your contents on social networks?

1.       Authority (+3)
                  Do links, shares & other factors make site a trusted authority?

2.       History (+1)
Has site or its domain been around a long time, operating in the same way?

1.       Country (+3)
What country is someone located in? Country specific domain and hosting has now more importance.
2.       Locality (+3)
What city or local area is someone located in? Now Google has implemented new search techniques based on locality and many blogs you will find on internet.
3.       History (+2)
Does someone regularly visit the site? Or “linked” it?
4.       Social (+1)
What do your friends think of the site?
Now we will discuss about villains as I have mentioned earlier. Please read the next one for the same.

Importance and merits of different factors in SEO ranking based on latest algorithms of different search engines

Search engine reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors. This information is based on the latest information and as of my knowledge. I think, I should share it with others, so I have.
Some factors influence more than others, which I have weighted 1 to 3 stars, where 1 is weakest and 3 is strongest. Again I would like confess that no single factor guarantees top ranking. Several favorable and in the context factors in combine achieve success. Few factors can be villain as well. Please give some time to fight with them.
Let’s jump into detail. We will discuss both on-page and off-page factors. Let’s discuss on-page factors first, give them importance factor, and define their merits.

Content based factors

1.       Content quality  (+3)
The latest panda algorithm of Google clearly obligating me to give Three stars.
2.       Keyword Research (+3)
Keyword Research is the heart of SEO campaign and maximum contributor for the success. Simply Three stars.
3.       Keyword frequency (+2)
Keyword frequency, prominence and proximity, all of them are important factors and will get two stars.
4.       User Engagement (+2)
Do visitors spend time on your website or straight away bounce over other tab? Bounce rate in analytic is now really important as per the Google Panda.
5.       Freshness of the Content (+2)
Is the content on your website is there since six months? There are so many researches coming in every field. Please update it. Again panda suggesting me to give two stars.

HTML based factors

1.       Title (+3)
All of us have learnt title as the first lesson in SEO. There is no any hesitation to give three stars.
2.       Description (+2)
Here is some confusion. In early day, description is as important as title. But now it’s not due to keyword stuffing in description. Still description is the only factor which attracts a person in search result and proves you superior among 10.
3.       Headers (+1)
After panda release, content is king and header is part of content. So there is some part to play by headers and will get one star.

I think you might be surprised, because Meta keywords not in the list. Almost all search engines ignoring keywords. Matt Cuts has given the final words on it.

Site architecture based factors

1.       Crawl (+3)
Crawl includes so many factors in it. Your site must be easy to explore for users and hence for the search engine spider. For more information on crawl factors you can visit other blogs. You should do this because it has got three stars
2.       Speed (+1)
Latest hints of Matt Cuts suggest that site speed has some role to play. So one star.
3.       URLs  (+1)
This is important for dynamic site owner. Now you should work out on the structure of URLs.

Don’t go away and navigate to second blog for merits of off-page factors.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

An Idea born in discussion with friends about electoral reform

Recently my friends and I were seeing the News Hour in Times Now. There was an interview with Anna Hazareji. He said that his next aim is to change in electoral formation. Let me explain what he said in brief.
Annaji said two things. The first one is, today the scenario is during vote calculating process the candidates stay present there. So they can see those areas from where they got votes and from where they didn’t get. After that the winner candidate does development in those areas from where he/she got votes. Avoids the development in other areas from where he/she doesn’t get. It is simple logic and it should be prevented.
The second thing is more interesting. It is about “Right to Reject”. He mention a “No choice” button in election machine. If people think that no any candidate deserves his or her precious vote, let them allow doing so. Let people allow rejecting. If “no choice” button get maximum press than the result should be cancelled. Organize election again in that area from the scratch.
In our discussion, one question raised. How many times we can afford the election expenses? We can predict that if we implement this we have to face many re-election. My one friend suggests a solid idea. It is solid according to me. I don’t know your views. But I want to express it once.
The idea is, if we get more press on reject button, there is no any representative will go to the parliament. The representative is “Ashok Chakra”. Instead of any representative, appoint any former IPS, IAS, IES or any social activist, who has clear and good background. They will work on salary base which is provided to the MLA or MP. The fund is given to him to do the development.
If any voting needed in the parliament, in which side the vote should be added? The answer laid in the Annaji’s demand. Make Gramsabha strong to develop the India. In each village Gramsabha will be held and people of India will give their vote. Each village has one vote. The vote will be added in the side where majority is there.
There are so many benefits we have discussed. I will with them in next blog. But before I want to know your ideas. Please put at least one comment in the comment section. I will try to conclude it in the next blog. Thanks in advance !!!